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Re: nokia 6230i missing functionality

From: Stuart
Subject: Re: nokia 6230i missing functionality
Date: Sun, 16 Oct 2005 22:40:11 +0200
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I have found that gnokii (Debian 0.6.8-0.2) does not work 100% with the Nokia 6230i.

"gnokii --gettodo 1 end" never finds any notes (my phone contains 4).

Calendar entries in the Nokia 6230i contain "Subject", "Location", "Start date", "Start time", "End date", "End time", "alarm type" and alarm time fields. The "Location" and "End date" and "End time" fields are not retrieved by "--getcalendarnote 1 end -v". What is required to add these fields? It would also be great to be able to add these fields using xgnokii.

The Nokia 6230i has "notes". gnokii does not appear have an option to retrieve this information.

There appear to be various other string overruns because the 6230i allows long fields. gnokii --getcalendarnote generates bad output if the summary contains more than 20 characters (all the characters after the 20th are replaced by a randomly long line of junk).

My pet bug: why are the spaces removed from the postal address and the notes whenever I type them in using xgnokii? I have to use the phone to put them back!

There is an error in the gnokii man page. It says "--setdatetime [YYY [MM [DD [HH [MM]]]]]". The is a missing "Y". You could perhaps add that --setdatetime without an argument sets the phone to the current time.

Another small problem: why does "gnokii --getphonebook SM 1 end --raw" have to write out "Empty memory location. Skipping." so many times? I know that there are empty locations and I don't care. "--getcalendarnote" also writes out "The calendar note can not be read: The given location is empty." which isn't very interesting.

xgnokii allows the "caller_group_number" of each phone book entry to be stored in the phone. Does anyone know how to access this information using a Nokia 6230i?

many thanks for gnokii

PS My /etc/gnokiirc contains:
port = xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx
model = 6230i
initlength = default
connection = bluetooth
use_locking = yes
serial_baudrate = 19200
rfcomm_channel = 15
smsc_timeout = 10

PPS Has anyone been able to create a TCP/IP connection over Bluetooth between a Nokia 6230i and a PC so as to be able to send email, browse and sync via the PC (rather than via the modem)? Please tell me how. Thanks.

PPS I second Martin Pilka's request for a batch mode.

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