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Re: Nokia 3100, DKU 5

From: Piotr Puchalski
Subject: Re: Nokia 3100, DKU 5
Date: Thu, 06 Oct 2005 12:36:12 +0200
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On Wed, 05 Oct 2005 08:24:46 +0200, Moor Su <address@hidden> wrote:


I am planning to use Nokia 3100, DKU 5 Cable from Linux/WinXP in a Java
to send SMS

Could you point me a place where I can find example settings for this?

I have made exactly the same thing(ok... only the phone was N6100;). But I wonder if my way of solving this issue will satisfay you... 'cause I am using external executables to send the SMS'es. Like gnokii(linux) and gammu(windows). If You are interested, I will tell You more. And maybe... are You an experianced Java programer? If yes - we could think about making some Java code to handle this issue - COM port, AT comands and so on - for the begining, taking base from Gnokii or something else. But at first I think we should search a little more for ready solutions:) When I was making mine, I had not much time and my researches are probably not quite full:/ And maybe someone on this list will be so kind to point it out in the deep sea of internet;) Cheers


Thanks in Advance.


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