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From: chloe dalton
Subject: smd
Date: Sat, 1 Oct 2005 13:30:58 +0100 (BST)

This is a follow up on the problems i'm having with

I forgot to post what happens when i run smsd, plz see

address@hidden /usr/local/sbin/smsd -m file -c
/usr/local/cache/smsd -u /usr/local/bin/smsd_incoming
-f /usr/local/cache/logs/smsd_logs

GN_OP_GetSMSStatus at line 432 in file lowlevel.c
returns error 1
Entering dumb mode.

The command hangs on 'Entering dumb mode.'

Some other times i get an error message that the phone
is locked.

I have searched the archives of this mailing list and
found a response from BORBELY Zoltan to a similar
error as below:

I think I managed to found the cause of this problem.
It seems if
too many response get lost (e.g. phone doesn't answer,
frame or
checksum error during the transmission) statemachine
can stuck in
a bad state. After it the communication won't recover.
If gnokii
(especially smsd) spend too long time in this state,
the phone will
be locked up (e.g. you have to remove the battery to
get it work again).

The proposed fix committed into the cvs. If you don't
want to use
cvs version, you can try the attached patch. (The
preferred way is
using the cvs version).


Description: Text document ] Quote

Q. do i need to apply the above patch for smsd to
work? I'm only asking because the response was sent in
2003 and may no longer apply.



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