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Re: nokia_dku2 and Nokia 7610

Subject: Re: nokia_dku2 and Nokia 7610
Date: Mon, 25 Jul 2005 12:32:48 +0100 (BST)

Hi Istvan,
Ok i'll tell u what specification which is used i.e.
O/S: Fedora Core 3 (2.6.9-1.667 Kernel)
Phone: Nokia 6670
Gnokii: 0.6.7 (stable version)
Cable: dku2 (original cable which comes with 6670 box)

Here are the steps:

1)Just install the Fedora,
2)Download the gnokii, untar it, compile & install it.
3)Put .gnokiirc file into ur home folder (e.g. if u r
login with root then .gnokiirc file should b in root's
home folder).
4)Shutdown the computer.
5)Attach the fone with cable and now insert dku-2
cable into USB port of the Computer and now press the
ON button of the computer.
6)When Fedora is booting the system, a kudzu utility
automatically detect ur nokia6670 Phone and ask from u
to configure it. Press Yes to configure ur nokia 6670
7) Now, apply following command i.e.
to see that to which port the modem/ nokia 6670 is
attached at usb port.
8) it will be somewhere at i.e. /dev/ACM0  or
9)Now, edit .gnokiirc file and change the following 3
sections i.e.
port = /dev/ACM0 or /dev/ACM1 
               #(which u found in dmesg output)
model = AT
connection = serial
10) save the file and then exit
11) now at shell write i.e.
    #gnokii --identify
12) if u show the output with ur model no. then it
means u can use gnokii but it depends that u r giving
the write port in .gnokiirc file.
I do the same above steps, my phone is working quite
well and there is no any complaint to use my fone with

Naveed Anwar(Bobby)
IT Coordinator,
Beaconhouse Group of Companies,
Lahore, Pakistan.

--- Istvan Seidel <address@hidden> wrote:

> Am Montag, 25. Juli 2005 07:21 schrieb BOBBY:
> hello can you tell more abot this:
> i have the same phone and trying since two months
> with mandriva LE2005 and 
> ubuntu to sync my phone, until now with no sucess.
> In tried gonkii, openobex, kandy, kmobiletools and
> kpilot, no sucess at all.
> Witch version of gnokii do you have. and how did you
> configure it?
> > hi,
> > I used dku-2 cable with nokia 6670. It works fine.
> > There is another way to which i used my fone with
> > gnokii & playsms. Hey, try to see at which port ur
> > fone is configure by linux. My fedora 3
> automatically
> > detected nokia 6670 and configure it at /dev/ACM0.
> I
> > just simply write in .gnokiirc file i.e.
> >
> > port = /dev/ACM0
> > model = AT
> > connection = serial
> >
> > and rest of the configuration is the default or
> > according to ur need.
> > I think nokia 7610 is also an AT commands
> compatible
> > fone. So, just try out to find the port by using.
> > # dmesg
> > command and find out the usb-section and try to
> find
> > at which port ur mobile is configured.
> > May be above method solve ur problem, but at ur on
> > risk. Coz i already told u that i m using nokia
> 6670
> > and dku-2 on fedora core 3.
> regards:
> -- 
> Istvan Seidel
> -Textilk├╝nstler-
> B├Âllberger Weg 170
> 06128 Halle
> Tel.0345-1319405
> Fax.0345-6813613
> Web.
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