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Re: MacOSX success

From: michael eng
Subject: Re: MacOSX success
Date: Sat, 16 Jul 2005 13:11:33 +0000 (UTC)

* Noki Deen-san ga 2005-07-16 no 05:55 (+0700) ni kakimashita

> thanks for the info
> I'm currently use MacOS 10.3 panther
> I will try it with PL2303X compatible (DKU-5 clone) cable
> I wonder if it is also work ??
> after install fink ... what package you has apt-get  it?
> do you install MacOSX developer suite ?

If DKU-5 is also a USB CDC ACM cable it should work, open a 
terminal and type: ls /dev/cu.*
then plug in the cable, and repeat, you should be able to see what device 
the cable has registered itself as -- this goes in ~/.gnokiirc

On System 10.3, install XCode 1.2 as the compiler is broken by default on 
XCode 1.5, I do not recommend it.  Then install Fink 0.7.1 binary package.  
I think libintl comes by default, not sure you will need to install any 
additional packages, but it should be evident when you run 'configure'.


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