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Re: get confussed with sendsms via cron

From: if12076
Subject: Re: get confussed with sendsms via cron
Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 12:39:24 +0700
User-agent: Internet Messaging Program (IMP) 3.2.2

waw.. thank you 
after have a chat with friend of mine... i've got my problem solved right now.
i wrote the script using root authority, so i think i need not copy my gnokiirc
from /root/.gnokiirc to /etc/gnokiirc.

using brute force thinking i take some compromise. i.e chmod +x /dev/ttyS0, and
copy my gnokiirc to /etc/gnokiirc.
btw.. thanx for this forum and the author. i find that gnokii is really cool,


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