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Re: CDMA AT Commands and the 6225

From: Rick Measham
Subject: Re: CDMA AT Commands and the 6225
Date: Mon, 04 Jul 2005 17:47:08 +1000
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Rick Measham wrote:
I've decided to collect what information I can find regarding the Nokia 6225 (and probably other Nokia CDMA phones) for the edification of others on this mailing list.
(Followups to come in this thread unless I make a breakthrough and have something useful to announce)

On the weekend I booted into windows and tried to access the SMS facilities of my phone via Nokia's own PC Suite .. but all I got was errors telling me the phone couldn't do that.

SMS is the reason I'm trying to get this going, so I'm hanging up my gloves. If anyone has SMS working from PC Suite on the 6225 then let me know. Maybe I was just having a bad day!

Rick Measham

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