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Problem with gnokii --writephonebook

From: David Godfrey
Subject: Problem with gnokii --writephonebook
Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 14:32:10 +0100
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I've just upgraded to 0.6.7 (compiled from source.) When using gnokii
--writephonebook there seems an off-by-one delimiter problem: the
final character is lost. This used to work (though I am afraid I don't
recall what my previous version was.)

Phone: Nokia 6210e
Link: irda

I use:

gnokii --getphonebook ME 1 end --raw > phone_book

to fetch the phone book. I then edit the phone_book and restore it to
the phone with:

gnokii --deletephonebook ME 1 21
cat phone_book | gnokii --writephonebook

The last character is being lost for each entry in the phone book. If
I add a final ';' to each line, the phone book is written correctly -
but this is not the format generated by --getphonebook --raw.

I have had a quick look at get_next_token() in
gnokii-0.6.7/common/gsm-filetypes.c where I think the problem lies,
but have been unable to come up with a patch.


Dave Godfrey

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