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Re: ldif import problem

From: Zrubecz Laszlo
Subject: Re: ldif import problem
Date: Tue, 21 Jun 2005 22:25:26 +0200

2005-06-21, k keltezéssel 14.23-kor Balint Reczey ezt írta:
> Hi!
> Have you tried Multisync? It has a gnokii plugin.
Ohh, yes of course. 
It's just chrashing when I'm trying to sync... 
So I stepped back to gnokii first, to see where the problem is.

> The gnokii plugin uses a vcard <-> gnokii converter
> different from the one included in libgnokii, and it
> works well with evolution.
I don't know dhe details... so I can't  figure out where is the real problem.

Maybe we should continue this at multisync-users list?


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