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Nokia 2280 initialization through Prolific Cabel

From: Mikhail TSaplin
Subject: Nokia 2280 initialization through Prolific Cabel
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 14:47:54 +0400

Hi all.
I have FreeBSD 5.4 and Nokia 2280.

When i plug a cabel into usb socket it attaches to ucom driver and device 
/dev/ucom0 appears.
Now i connect cu program to that device
cu -l /dev/ucom0
And i can't write anything.

But if i reboot to Windows first, do a connection to then internet it probably 
initilize cable or phone and after rebooting to unix
cu -l /dev/ucom0 allows to enter AT commands.

Is there any byte sequence that initialize cabel or phone?

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