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CDMA AT Commands and the 6225

From: Rick Measham
Subject: CDMA AT Commands and the 6225
Date: Sun, 12 Jun 2005 23:10:54 +1000
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I've decided to collect what information I can find regarding the Nokia 6225 (and probably other Nokia CDMA phones) for the edification of others on this mailing list.

Personally I'm using a third party cable on linux. The cable is supported by a kernel module and I can talk to the phone without any problems.

AT Commands
Back in April, before I joined this list, someone was talking about AT commands for Nokia's CDMA phones. I have this document also. Anyone else that wants it can download it from Nokia's site at:;ref=devx

To save other CDMA users running off to grab this document let me tell you the most important thing: You can't use anywhere near as many AT commands on the CDMA phones. The commands are limited to modem-control. There are no extended commands for such activites as recieving or sending SMS (my personal priority). The NOKIA FBUS command is there, implying that these phones will work with FBUS.

Another useful(?) document from Nokia is this one: It indicates that the CDMA devices are quite capable of these interactions, however I'm not sure if it's just referring to phone-to-phone messaging.

Nokia's CDMA FAQ ( is useless. It's (once again) all about developing software for use on the phone, not for interfacing with it. However it did give me one useful piece of marketspeak: Aparently CDMA is the fastest growing mobile phone protocol, so by workingo on this, I'm not working on a dying system :)

Finding documentation on FBUS has been rather difficult. The actual protocol is discussed at this page: The author only pays attention to GSM phones and so we can only assume that a standard FBUS will work across all phones.

Gnokii and my 6225
The 6225 is (aparently) a CDMA version of the 6220 (the SIM slot is still there even!). Given this, I would assume the same commands would do the same things. This appears not to be so. In another thread, I've detailed both using the phone as an AT device and a 6230 (which I found got further than the 6220).

Using Minicom, I've managed to put the phone into FBUS mode (how do you get it back without restarting?) and once I do that, gnokii seems to get further, but still no bananas.

I'm not sure where to go next. Nokia's own PC Suite works fine on windows so I'm sure we're just missing a small link in the chain. I'm perfectly willing to find that link, not to mention keen. From other messages it seems I'm not the only person wanting a CDMA device to work.

The next step I'll take is working with raw FBUS according to the information in the previously mentioned webpage. If I can at least confirm that the FBUS commands work in the same manner, I'll start to work out where gnokii's missing link is.

I'm very keen to hear from other users, particularly developers of gnokii. Has anyone ever tried to get CDMA phones working? Have you got anywhere? Has anyone got any more useful documentation? (Nokia's own developers sites gives a big fat zero for fbus!)

Rick Measham

(Followups to come in this thread unless I make a breakthrough and have something useful to announce)

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