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Re: Nokia 3100 with DKU-5 (usb cable)

From: David N. Welton
Subject: Re: Nokia 3100 with DKU-5 (usb cable)
Date: Thu, 09 Jun 2005 21:31:26 +0200
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Diederick Huijbers wrote:
> Hi There,
> Maybe its time to make clear if the Nokia 3100 is working for reading and
> sending SMS messages. As I searched a lot on the internet I couldn't find
> any confirmation about sending/receiving SMS messages using the Nokia 3100
> with a DKU-5 (usb) cable.
> If someone knows for sure its possible to use the Nokia 3100 for sms
> please let me and all the others know.

I have one and it works quite well with gammu.

David N. Welton

Apache, Linux, Tcl Consulting

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