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RE: How to detect Incoming Calls FBUS 6210?

From: Andy Shaw
Subject: RE: How to detect Incoming Calls FBUS 6210?
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 15:18:13 +0100

Hi Antonio,
That would be much appreciated.
I have tried using the set cell broadcast as suggested in other reading but
I can't seem to get any response
to the message.

many thanks

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Subject: Re: How to detect Incoming Calls FBUS 6210?

I haven't work with 6210, but I had done it with 3280/6180/6120/5120
using MBUS and "carkit" features(commands).
There are some documentation about it in 6110 documentation that you can
find in gnokii site.
I will try to find the code and send to you.


Andy Shaw wrote:

>kathir <kathir4 <at>> writes:
>>helloo i developed with 5110
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>>Subject: How to detect Incoming Calls FBUS 6210?
>>I am developing a pic based application that uses FBUS to communicate with
>>What I can't workout is how to detect incoming call alerts.
>>I am expecting to recieve an incoming call alert from the phone but see
>>Do I need to set up the phone to issue fbus alerts ?
>>If so, does anyone know what I need to send.
>>Any help would be much appreciated.
>>gnokii-users mailing list
>>gnokii-users <at>
>I believe the 5110 code is different. How do you detect incoming calls ?
>I am using Gnokii version 0.6.3 for windows, which I believe to be the
>Are the protocol docs more recent and updated elsewhere ?
>I read an article that said I needed to set the cell broadcast but this
>work either.
>I'd be grateful for any pointers.
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