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Re: [SUCCESS] 6670 almost there with gnapplet

From: Matthew Kay
Subject: Re: [SUCCESS] 6670 almost there with gnapplet
Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 19:09:18 +0100

> gnapplet version: 0.11, gnokii driver: 0.16

Sorry all, noticed this after sending! It seems that the gnapplet.sis
linked to from your main download site does not match version 0.6.4, but
there was one that did includied in the Debian package which I hadn't
noticed before. I had to change my rfcomm port to 13 in my .gnokiirc,
but after I did that it all worked.

Gnokii absolutely rocks! Thankyou so much, guys. The only bother is that
you have to start gnapplet every time you want to do some
synchonisation. Would it be possible to compile a version which stayed
open all the time? I realise that this makes my phone much less secure,
but it would make synchronisation that bit easier. 


M.Sc. Computer Science student       
Imperial College, London          

256a Archway Road,
N6 5AX

tel       07717 204242

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