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Nokia 6630 and gnokii

From: Giancarlo Iannizzotto
Subject: Nokia 6630 and gnokii
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 18:19:45 +0100 (CET)

Some good news from the 6630 side.
After some work I got gnokii working with bluetooth
and my Nokia 6630.
Here is my configuration:
- notebook asus L8400 (quite old but still great)
- bluetooth pcmcia interface (3com)
- Fedora Core 2 linux, kernel 2.6
- BLUEZ stack (coming with Fedora)
- Nokia 6630, symbian 8

I found out that something is broken with gnapplet
from gnokii 0.6.4: after installation in my phone, if
I try to run gnapplet from the phone menu it starts
and closes immediately. I tried by using a 3rd party
file manager and running gnapplet.exe and - wow! - it
works. But had to buy the filemanager.

If I run xgnokii, it connects (i.e. I get the
indication "connecting" in xgnokii and then the pop-up
window "connection request" in the phone) and suddenly
gnapplet closes, leaving xgnokii hanging. No way to go
through any more.
The same happens with Gnocky: I get an information
about the status of the phone, the IMEI, the signal
level and then gnapplet closes and gnocky hangs.
 So far, so... bad.
BUT! if I try the command-line gnokii, then I can
upload a calendar entry, delete the phonebook, backup
the phonebook. It works fine.

The only problem is that it seems that the
compatibility between gnokii and the VCARD 3.0 format
used by kaddressbook while exporting its contacts is
broken. I cannot just export the contacts from
kaddressbook to a vcf file and then issue
cat addresses.vcf | gnokii --writephonebook -m ME -o
because I get an invalid data format message and
nothing goes in the phone addressbook.

I eventually went through this problem by using a
script which I downloaded from the internet and by
slightly modifying it in order to translate the vcf
file obtained from kaddressbook to a ldif file
compliant with gnokii and then feeding gnokii with
this file:

cat corrected-addresses.ldif | gnokii --writephonebook
-m ME -o -l

I finally got my addressbook uploaded to the phone!

The script I downloaded comes from:
but had to modify it just a little bit (a couple of
lines) in order to get the field "cn" always
If you want the modified file ask me and I can send it

I hope this report can help
best wishes and keep up the great work

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