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RE: New supported phones?

From: Steven Feil
Subject: RE: New supported phones?
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2005 16:25:32 -0600 (CST)

On  Wed, 09 Mar 2005 17:35:51 +0100 Eric Persson wrote:


My good-old 3330 stopped working recently, it must have been
something internal that broke, since it smells funny and doesnt even
turn on anymore.

Is there any new nokia phones that are supported, thats available in
the stores, the ones I found on is to old and not
available in stores. :(

I have found it frustration dealing with my provider when it comes to
the purchase of a Linux compatible phone. The main issue is that my
provider (T-Mobile) only carries the newest phones. Hi quality phones
that have been out for say 12-18 months are no longer available. They
make more money selling camera phones and phones that have built in
WAP browsing than phones that can be connected to computers. The only
phones sold by my provider that are AT-compatible cost more than
160USD, and that is with a provider discount. I have found E-Bay to be
a good source for GSM phones when you are looking for variety.  You
might want to search through a list of phones that your provider use
to sell but no longer sells for a good bet on a phone working in your
location. In a GSM network if the phone worked once it will probably
still work. I have a GSM phone from 3.5 years ago that still works,
but I would not recommend you using one that old.

To find a list of phones worth looking into, you can try the "GPRS
Easy Connect" website. It has has a list of AT compatible phones
manufactured in 2003 and later. Most AT style phones will work with
gnokii. The list is at

I have found the Nokia 6610 to be a good phone that is usable in many
locations world-wide.  however only the IR port seams to be fully
functional. When I try to use the USB or serial cable it does not seam
to support GPRS and the AT command set.

Before buying a phone to work with Linux you will want to search it's
model number on the Gnokii site and the "GPRS Easy Connect" site. Also
if you want to use E-Bay to buy a phone be sure to check your provider
and the manufacture website to see that the phone will work in your
location. Also watch out for locked phones.

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