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Nokia 6100 + Calendar Items

From: Philipp Sandhaus
Subject: Nokia 6100 + Calendar Items
Date: Wed, 26 Jan 2005 17:22:20 +0100
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  after reading several posts in this list regarding the problems with
  the 6100 and connection over Irda I finally decided to be brave and to
  try it anyway. It works! No breakage. Anyway, everything works, but I
  am not able to receive Calendar Items from the phone. When I try

   gnokii --getcalendarnote 1

   GNOKII hangs and my phone doesn't answer.

   Any Hints?


Philipp Sandhaus
Stedinger Str. 92
26135 Oldenburg
Tel.: 0441-2330107
Mobil: 0179-7912909

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