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Nokia 7110 died when using gnokii

From: Bram Moolenaar
Subject: Nokia 7110 died when using gnokii
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004 19:48:31 +0100

Before anything: I don't accuse gnokii of killing my phone, it just
happened while using gnokii.

I was copying phone numbers from one SIM card to another.  Reading the
numbers went fine.  When writing the phone numbers to another SIM card I
got lots of error messages.  After I killed gnokii and disconnecting the
data cable, the phone was dead.  I could no longer switch it on.

I have taken the phone to two repair shops.  They both first said they
could fix it by reinstalling the software, but failed.

My setup:
- Apple Powerbook 12"
- USB data cable, Prolific 2303 USB driver
- Nokia 7110
- gnokii 0.6.4

So this is basically a warning about using gnokii in this configuration.
I was very surprised the phone could get damaged so badly it's beyond

(If someone has a Nokia 7110 with a broken display or similar but
working main board, please contact me).

Apologies for taking up the bandwidth with the apology.  Anything else I
can apologise for ...... er no can't think of anything, sorry about that.
                Andy Hunt (Member of British Olympic Apology Squad)

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