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gnokii and Nokia 5100

From: Pavel Fedin
Subject: gnokii and Nokia 5100
Date: Fri, 27 Feb 2004 13:23:39 +0300

 Hello, guys! I can't get gnokii working with my Nokia-5100 phone in
fbus mode. Of course AT mode works, but i'd like to get full
functionality. I use MobileAction USB cable for AT mode and also have
a serial fbus cable which is recognised by Oxygen Phone Manager in any mode
(dlr3p or dau9p). I enabled debug output and looked at wat happens. In
dlr3p mode gnokii sets speed to 19200 bps, then to 115200 bps and then
waits for something without producing any further messages until i
stop it with CTRL-C. In dau9p mode gnokii sends packets to the phone
but gets no reply. What's wrong?
 Also i'd like to ask authors to implement support for fbus mode for
AT cable. To switch from AT mode to FBUS you need to send
"AT*NOKIAFBUS" command to the phone. The phone does not reply "OK"
and, enters FBUS mode immediately and produces some fbus frame. Its
format differs a little from what i see in the docs, so probably this
is the reason why my phone does not work with gnokii. If you are
interested, i can send you a hexadecimal dump of this frame.
 And a third question. I also have an Amiga compiter without USB
interface and i'd like to connect my phone to it also and use it as a
modem. But i can't find proper serial cable. Can anybody tell me what
cable i need for this? And where can i buy it? In my local stores
they say that there are no serial modem cables for Noklia phones at
all. I hope it's not true...

Best regards,
 Pavel                          mailto:address@hidden

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