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Re: Building gnokii from cvs for debian - path error

From: gena-j
Subject: Re: Building gnokii from cvs for debian - path error
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 16:30:42 +0000


I'm going to reply here at the top of the message as I'm confused what
parts of the below text is come from who.

I think we're misunderstanding each other here.  From my part, I
attempted to build a debian package from cvs and it had lots of errors
because it couldn't find files.  By trial and error, I found that if in
the mv statement ect., I included '/local' the build was successful. 
However, when I installed the deb files, the installed gnokii file was
simply a script and not a binary.

I didn't realise that you'd included comments within the script because
my synthesiser doesn't express the greater than symbol and I cannot see
the screen.  I didn't expect any comments as the reasoning isn't for me
to question.  Its there in cvs and I simply want to check out and build
the package for my debian system.  When running the rules script it
complains that it can't find a file, I've got enough confidence to look
for it and see how the scripts differs from reality.  I then feel that
it is only right that I should notify others of my observations.

As a blind person, I really appreciate the effort you guys are putting
into the gnokii project because it opens a whole new world for people
like myself, who are largely to-date been excluded from this contempory
method of communication.


>On Wed, 25 Feb 2004 address@hidden wrote:
>> Sorry for the delay, I'd never used diff before so hopefully, this is
>> what you requested:
>I think you missed my comments to the previous mail.
>> -    mv $(CURDIR)/debian/gnokii/usr/bin/gnokii $(CURDIR)/debian/gnokii/usr/l
>> -    install -m 755 $(CURDIR)/debian/gnokii.wrapper $(CURDIR)/debian/gnokii/
>> -    install -m 755 $(CURDIR)/utils/sendsms $(CURDIR)/debian/gnokii/usr/bin/
>> +    mv $(CURDIR)/packaging/Debian/gnokii/usr/local/bin/gnokii $(CURDIR)/deb
>This is IMHO incorrect. Debian makes gnokii with --prefix=/usr so it will
>get installed to $(CURDIR)/debian/gnokii/usr/bin
>> +    install -m 755 $(CURDIR)/debian/gnokii.wrapper $(CURDIR)/debian/gnokii/
>I have no idea what you want to achieve here. gnokii.wrapper is Debian
>invention to stand as /usr/bin/gnokii
> +     install -m 755 $(CURDIR)/utils/sendsms $(CURDIR)/debian/gnokii/usr/loca
>Why install it to /usr/local ? It doesn't make sense.
>> -    mv $(CURDIR)/debian/gnokii-smsd/usr/lib/smsd/ $(CURDIR)/debi
>> -    mv $(CURDIR)/debian/gnokii-smsd/usr/lib/smsd/ $(CURDIR)/debian/
>> +    mv $(CURDIR)/debian/gnokii-smsd/usr/local/lib/smsd/ $(CURDIR
>> +    mv $(CURDIR)/debian/gnokii-smsd/usr/local/lib/smsd/ $(CURDIR)/d
>The same comment with --prefix=/usr
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