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Re: Nokia 7650 support (a little OT)

From: Bostjan Muller
Subject: Re: Nokia 7650 support (a little OT)
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 11:34:41 +0100
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* On 26-02-04 at 10:42 Stephan Kessler (address@hidden) wrote:
+----Here quoted text begins----+
> > what is the status now? I have just received 7650 for testing 
> > Java Applications. I'm uploading them via WAP/GPRS, but it 
> > would be more comfortable for me to upload via IR (I still 
> > have my old Tekram IRmate 210B
> > here) ;-)
> You got any hint/documentation/howto about deploying java for the 7650?
> Would like to code a little around, cause i'm familiar with java,but not
> on the 7650 :)
> Thank you in advance..
> Greetings,
> Stephan
+----and here the quote ends----+

You can get the j2me devel tools on and specifically for
nokia nokia itself has some java sdk's. They also have some examples on, help is also available on ircnet on #j2me channel.

Nokia 7650 uses midp1.0 specs and I believe only extensions nokia has to
offer for that is the full display extention.

Regards/Lep pozdrav

Boštjan Müller
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