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how should i do for make a voice call

From: 王 国军
Subject: how should i do for make a voice call
Date: Thu, 26 Feb 2004 10:22:55 +0800

I want to make a voice call with nokis 8210 FBUF protocol,but I am not clear the format of 'number' in the "s make call" of call massage.
1e 00 0c 01 00 LEN 00 01 00 01 'number' 05(voice call) 01 01 05 81/00,02(sendnum) 00 00

00 01 01(last frame) 47 00 check1 check2

what is kind the 'number',and are there any wrong in the frame? could you help me about it? or make a example for me.

Best Regards & thanks

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