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Re: Motorola C350 patch 2

From: Ron Yorston
Subject: Re: Motorola C350 patch 2
Date: Thu, 19 Feb 2004 21:34:31 GMT

Pawel Kot wrote:
>Looks good. And Work For Me (TM). Just two notes: it is not necessary to
>recount free/used unconditionally.
>There's above:
>if (ms->status != GN_ERR_NONE) {
>we can set there some local variable:
>       has_memory_stats = false;
>if (!has_memory_stats) {
>       [your code]
>We'd kill that ugly fbus3810 variable as well. What do you think? Patch
>against CVS follows. I should have Hugh's 3810 somewhere where so I'll
>test the phone later.

This doesn't work with the Motorola.  The atgen driver never returns an
error in repsonse to a '+CPBS?' query.  The code in AT_GetMemoryStatus
tries a '+CPBR=?' when '+CPBS?' fails, but ReplyMemoryStatus doesn't do
anything with the response and returns GN_ERR_NONE.

If I remove the '+CPBR=?' query from AT_GetMemoryStatus and just return
the error status from the '+CPBS?' query it still doesn't work.  The code
in xgnokii_contacts.c treats an error return from the 5110 as indicating
that there is no ME memory, but the error return from the Motorola just
means that we don't have the required information, not that there is no
ME memory.

Should we distinguish between the different causes of an error return
from GetMemoryStatus by returning different values?


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