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Re: Timeout variable in .gnokiirc

From: gena-j
Subject: Re: Timeout variable in .gnokiirc
Date: Wed, 18 Feb 2004 23:42:54 +0000


>> If you'd say how you solved this, it might be a hint for the debian
>> maintainer to prepare better packages.

I wish I knew how.  I just followed instructions to install the 0.5.9 tarball.
>If I remember correctly, debian uses a sort of a frontend before the
>gnokii binary. If the processing takes more time than usual (e.g.
>downloading a large phonebook) the frontend will terminate the gnokii
>process. This is what I've been talking about:
I guess in my case, it was my error as I typically expect apt to deal
with everything.  But we'll never know.

The above message is about the 3390.  Did someone suggest that the
battery may fit onto the other side of the lead end that fits into the
phone, as with the 3310.

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