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5100 - some odd problems

From: Gaute Amundsen
Subject: 5100 - some odd problems
Date: Thu, 12 Feb 2004 20:57:53 +0100

I have a somewhat dysfunctional settup here.
I can download my phone list, send one message, and dial numbers.
Most everything else does not work. 
No inn or outbox, no logo uppload, and when trying to send multiple sms 
messages it stopps working midway down the list somewhere.

Her is my settup.

Any ideas?

Gaute Amundsen

GNOKII Version 0.5.7
xgnokii 20030104

port = /dev/ircomm0
model = 5100
initlength = default
connection = irda
bindir = /usr/local/sbin/
use_locking = no
serial_baudrate = 115200
handshake = hardware
timeout = 0

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