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controlling nokia3310 with atmel 8515

From: emf emf
Subject: controlling nokia3310 with atmel 8515
Date: Mon, 09 Feb 2004 19:16:58 -0500

hi guys!

i'm doing a project on controlling external devices with an atmel
8515 microcontroller and a nokia 3310. i have managed to control
external instruments connected to the mcu and send the data from
them to other mobile phones by using the 3310 as the mcu's
tranceiver. i'm receiving commands from other mobile phones and
sending the data to them by sms (text messages). i'm using the
st500's rs232 port and an fbus data cable to communicate with the
3310. but i still have to use the two extra rs232 ports of my
desktop pc to transfer data to and from the 3310 and mcu. both
devices are connected to the ports and i made a windows program that
makes the pc as a data conduit for the mcu and phone.
i want to eliminate the use of the pc so i made a circuit, using 2
serial ports, a prototype board, and a couple of wires, to connect
the phone to the stk500. the rx of one port is connected to the tx
of another and vice versa, and i connected pin4 to 5volts, pin5 and
pin7 to ground for the fbus data cable. but the mcu is not receiving
any data from the phone when i tried the circuit. i know the
connections are fine and i made my mcu program to light up the
stk500's LEDS if any sms data is received. this is my dilemma right
now. if any body has a similar project as mine i hope you could help
me. but i would very much appreciate any help that i could get from
any one.

thanks very much!!


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