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Discussion of Protocol for Nokia 8250

From: Peter Kelley
Subject: Discussion of Protocol for Nokia 8250
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 15:01:21 +1030

Hi, this is slightly offtopic so feel free to tell me the best place
to ask this question.

I'm trying to get a Palm Pilot Application to talk to a Nokia 8250.
I'm sending it a version request as described in nk6110.txt and
nokia.txt under FBUS V2/Direct IrDA. Unfortunately the phone is having
none of it and not replying.

I'm looking for someone who knows how the protocol works to have a
look at my FBUS frame data and tell me if anything looks screwy or
alternatively someone to provide me with some sample frames that would
work for an 8250. Frame data follows:

Values   Comment
1c       IrDA
00       To Phone
0c       From Palm Pilot
D1       HW SW Version Request
07       7 Bytes of block data
00 01    Block header
00 03 00 block
01       This is the last frame
40       And the first frame, with sequence number 0
00       Padding Byte
50       Odd checksum
d5       Even checksum

Can anyone help ?


Peter Kelley

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