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Re: Nokia 6100 and gnokii

From: Thomas Green
Subject: Re: Nokia 6100 and gnokii
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 12:41:21 +0000 (GMT)

Dear all,

After playing with a laptops IR and gnokii I some how disabled my phone 
like many others (that will teach me not reading mailing lists first).

However I believe not all is lost as I got my phone to work by accident I 
think you have to have a reminder set and then if one is waiting for you 
then if you try press any numbers and try to call with it the error (call 
not allowed appears) the menu should come back as the reminder is kicks it 
into action.  My own opinion is either the nokia tune got currupted (I was 
playing around with the ring tones and got an error message trying to 
play the nokia tune) or the software wrote somewhere it 
shouldnt have done ( i tried not to write anything to my mobile as I 
thought that would be risky).  As the nokia ring tone plays when I turn it 
on and it cant play for some reason then could be causing it too freeze. 

The version I have is 4.70 it worked fine the first time using it then it 
froze when I tried again.  I still have it in warranty so hopefully I 
maybe able to sort it out.

I have another reminder tomorrow so will try and get it back and write 
down exactly what I did to recover.  It may help people to diagnose whats 
the matter (always set a reminder at the end of every day to recover if 
gnokii fails).

All the best,



Thomas Green
Postgraduate - UMIST Chemical Engineering

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