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RE: getnetworkinfo question

From: Benjamin Judd
Subject: RE: getnetworkinfo question
Date: Wed, 21 Jan 2004 19:17:56 -0700

NO that network information is set by AT&T and may or may not correspond to
an FCC licensed tower.  The LAC or Location Area Code is in hex and refers
to a boundary determined by AT&T for subdividing the network to keep paging
(sending information to your phone that someone is calling you) to a minimum
as it is sent to your phone by all cells in a LAC.  The Cell id is also in
hex and is an identifier used by AT&T to determine the particular cell you
are on.  There are often three cell on a particular tower.  That was a
little long winded sorry.

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Subject: getnetworkinfo question

I have a Nokia 6800.  When I run --getnetworkinfo I get this: GNOKII Version
Network      : AT&T Wireless (USA)
Network code : 310 3d??`B
LAC          : 6d74
Cell id      : 06a6

Could someone give me a little info on what this information is?  I am
guessing that both LAC and Cell id or in hex?  Do those numbers match up to
the FCC tower id?  I am trying to see if they match anything in this
database  .  It would be cool to be able
to physically find the tower that I am connected too.


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