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Re: 3510i: Supported or not?

From: Stuart Moore
Subject: Re: 3510i: Supported or not?
Date: 20 Jan 2004 10:27:54 +0000

On Jan 20 2004, Pawel Kot wrote:

On 20 Jan 2004, Stuart Moore wrote:

> Is the 3510i supported or not?

It is.

> The website faq suggests it is, but the
> readmes with the various distributions suggest not.

You mean Linux distrubutions or gnokii distibutions?

gnokii distributions - makes no mention of 3510 (with or without the i)

> I've got a cable that I haven't got to work yet, so it's possibly the > phone not the cable; is there a way I could get some response from the > phone if it's working, even if gnokii doesn't work? (If I can get that > to work then I'll try to help with developing 3510i features if I can)

You can show us gnokii outout with debug enabled. And be sure you use
recent gnokii version.

Thanks, I will investigate that once I get back to my home PC

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