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buggy nokia7110 calendar code (reported ~2 years ago first)

From: Peter Gervai
Subject: buggy nokia7110 calendar code (reported ~2 years ago first)
Date: Wed, 14 Jan 2004 13:26:08 +0100
User-agent: Opera M2/7.50 (Linux, build 556)


I am not a regular gnokii user - seems there have almost 2 years passed
since my last try to save my calendar. If anyone have the archives there
probably can be found the traces of the buggy packages, and what should
have been getting done. Since I am no C coder (and aren't familiar with
gnokii interns either, not to mention lack of time) I was not impatient,
didn't bug anyone (not that there would be a bug report system anyway).

So I checked back. Yep, still buggy. gnokii simply cannot retrieve more
than 250 something calendar entries of the 7110; after that it starts
retrieving the first again and again.

I don't remember all the details now - I think the packet gnokii generates
contained a one-byte index, which is clearly not enough for more than
600 entries there.

Is there any remote chance that this could be fixed? I believe I have
provided as much details and help as possible (back then). Or nobody
cares about 7110 anyway? (But, then, I doubt that the code could handle
any Nokia's calendar with more than 250 entries.)


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