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Re: Phone powers off automatically after switching it on (Nokia 6100)

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: Phone powers off automatically after switching it on (Nokia 6100)
Date: Sat, 10 Jan 2004 15:01:27 +0100 (CET)

On Sat, 10 Jan 2004, Aart Koelewijn wrote:

> Op 2004-01-09 om 10:00 schreef Johannes Zellner:
> >
> > well, not really the same. The 6110 phone uses the 6100 driver, while my
> > 6100 phone uses the 6510 driver. Anyway: which kernel modules do you
> > use, especially which infrared modules? (irtty / irport / ircomm ?)
> Strange, according to how I read the documentation in gnokii/Docs the 6510
> driver does not support the Nokia 6100 and the 6100 driver supports the
> Nokia 6100. in Docs/gnokii-ir-howto the Nokia 6100 is mentioned as one of

Johannes is right. Driver nk6100 was named before the phone Nokia 6100 was
issued and in the manuals Nokia described the series as 6100.

In other words, driver nk6100 supports only old phones. Nokia 6100 is a
new phone model.

Going into the deailes, Nokia 61X0 didn't have the real irda stack
implemented, and they didn't work with Linux IrDA stack. Therefore we
created the infrared driver that allowed to communicate linux with the
phone over the inrared. The only phones with this feature were 6110, 6130
and 6150 (and probably their nonGSM versions).

For all other phones you can use the regular irda to communicate. See
gnokii-IrDA-Linux and gnokii-ir-howto from Docs/ subdir for more defaules.

> the phones tested with and supported by the infrared driver and it is also
> mentioned that phones which are supported by the infrared driver will not
> work with Irda (I tried it, I could get my 6110 recognized by the Irda
> module but nothing else worked. At that time I wrote a number of emails
> about my problems to this mailinglist before I found this out.)

This is correct wrt driver nk6100 and NOT Nokia 6100 driver.

Hope this clears the issue.

take care,
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