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Need a help: How to get the call status from a Nokia3310?

From: Olcsák Lajos
Subject: Need a help: How to get the call status from a Nokia3310?
Date: Wed, 7 Jan 2004 00:13:22 +0100

Hi everybody!
    I'm a bit new in this group, so this is the first time. I want to give a respects for everybody and sorry for my bad english! I need to write a Nokia Dialer software for 3310 under BC++ (win32), I stopped about a month ago because a had a small problem. In this stoptime I found the GNOKII project in the net. Now width the help of the F-BUS documentation I can initialize the connection, make calls, cancel calls, but there is something that I can't: asking the call status from the phone, is this active or not.
    Perhaps the documentation contains a lot of commands for this, but this commands aren't working!?! For me for example the 0x01: Call Information commands as non-usable as the 0x04: Phone Info command. If I send this commands, the phone answers a simple ACK frame. The only usable command for dialing is the 0x40: Extended commands 0x7C - Call command (for me only?). Is this 0x01 command new(as I saw somewhere in the forum)? What does it want to mean "new call form"? So Can I use it width my Nokia 3310?
    As I read that the phone can send an info from the call status automatically width this commands but first of all my software need to do the authentication for this, and after that the call info will arrive automatically from the phone. It's a bit hard for me, althought I saw something in the nk6100.c. So I need a FAC, the IMEI number, and the MagicBytes that is a bit unknown for me :o(! What are the 4 byte Magic? When will the phone send these to me? How, when and witch command will send this MagicResponse? Will this happen after the initialisation or before any of this unworkable commands? Has anybody a larger information about the "Extended Commands - Call command" section?
Thanx for your help
Best regards: Lajos Olcsak

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