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Fwd: Re: Configure on Mac OS X Bug report

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Fwd: Re: Configure on Mac OS X Bug report
Date: Tue, 6 Jan 2004 22:47:21 +0100
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Just to let you know.

Lorenzo: I hope you don't mind I forwarded this.

Bozo: perhaps we should look closer into SyncML?

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----------  Forwarded Message  ----------

Subject: Re: Configure on Mac OS X Bug report
Date: Tuesday 06 of January 2004 13:38
From: Lorenzo Perone <address@hidden>
To: Pawel Kot <address@hidden>

On 5. Jan 2004, at 21:21, Pawel Kot wrote:
> On Monday 05 of January 2004 02:54, Lorenzo Perone wrote:
>> The gtk version seems to initialize correctly, it shows correct
>> battery
>> and signal status, but I have a window focus problem: I can not get
>> the
>> gnokii window to the foreground nor click any buttons in the window
>> :(.
>> The GTK port I built and installed could be the culprit, or
>> quartz-wm...
>> I'll try to get a fink-version or something of GTK. It also spawns a
>> good
>> amount of warnings...
> This is rather questions for the mac folks. I haven't used Mac ever...

Ow, You should ;) I've got terribly addicted to Mac OS X :=)

BTW: For anyone wishing to use xgnokii on Mac OS X 10.3.x
(this was my path to success):

- install the X11 User package from the 3rd Mac OS X CD
- install the X11 SDK from the freely available "Developer Tools CD"
   -> can be grabbed after signing up for a free account from
- get, build, install fink:
- fink install gtk+
- then get gnokii, and
   ./configure --with-x --disable-shared && make && make install ...

NOTE: The "Framework" version of GTK, gtk-osx
( does not work mwith xgnokii
(focus problem etc.).
That version is probably more suitable for a "real" xgnokii port,
that is one which would use Apple's WindowServer instead of X11.
But that would require a rather different packaging and possibly
different build options for gnokii. Not much experience to share
on that unfortunately.

And another tip for Mac OS X Users: If you export your contacts in vcard
format from gnokii, copy them into one file called whatever.vcf, and
drop them into the Mac OS X Address Book, it will create/update the
entries :).
Unfortunately, that doesn't work as elegantly back to the nokia, because
of the sligtly different VCARD format.
Only caveat: Nokia VCARD has one "duplicate" entry called PHONE;VOICE
which gets inserted into the Address Book as an additional, "other"
phone number. These should be deleted before dropping the file there.
(It's the number defined as default in your phone...).

I still miss a netmonitor and the sms transfers are a bit slow - but I
guess this is a problem of the 6310/6310 driver... ;).

>> For this matter:
>> but
>> only if You have a hint: I'm quite sure xgnokii is not the culprit
>> here.
>> What would be great is an iSynch-conduit-version of gnokii.
> What is iSynch-conduit?

iSynch is an app by Apple
which allows synchronisation of handhelds, mobiles and more with Mac OS
X's system wide address book as well as iCal (standard calendar app) and
even bookmarks. It works very fine with "supported" devices, but
unfortunately most nokia's aren't supported for this feature. They just
support Nokia N-Gage (GSM), Nokia 3650 (GSM), Nokia 3600 (GSM) and Nokia
7650 (GSM). A conduit is what they call some sort of plugin (let's say
driver) for a specific device/device class. I'm actually not sure
they borrowed the word 'conduit' from Palm or if I'm just confusing them
What I know is that Apple uses (mainly or exclusively? i dont know)
for iSync, so probably some kind of SyncML gateway should be written to
accomplish such a plugin. Also, afaik, Apple has not released any API or
SDK yet for extending iSync, so that would be something to be
reverse-engeneered as well (with the appropriate tools, why not ;>).


best wishes :)


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