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Re: irda.h: present but cannot be compiled (at ./configure)

From: Marcel Holtmann
Subject: Re: irda.h: present but cannot be compiled (at ./configure)
Date: 17 Jun 2003 12:50:48 +0200

Hi Pawel,

> Completly agree. That's what I wanted to say in fact. I'm trying to
> find out how to add such support for irda/bluetooth for Mac OS X
> BTW.

currently all os files are compiled, but the code is deactivated with
#ifdef. In future the script should choose one of these.
Removing #ifdef's is always a good idea.

> > And the linuxirda.h should be moved to common/devices/ because it
> can
> > only be included by unixirda.c (on a Linux system).
> Or by unixirda.h. And it's already there I think.

It is not a good idea to include header files from header files. This
should only be done if really needed. And in the case of linuxirda.h
this is not a good idea, because unixirda.c have to choose if it must be
included or not.



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