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Re: irda.h: present but cannot be compiled (at ./configure)

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: irda.h: present but cannot be compiled (at ./configure)
Date: Tue, 17 Jun 2003 12:20:52 +0200

Hi Marcel,

>>> address@hidden 17 June 2003 11:52:31 >>>
> a long time ago I wrote this hardware abstraction layer for serial
> IrDA devices. And my idea behind it, was to have common io funtion
> for different transport layers. In the first time this was serial,
> and tekram. And so the functions are prefixed serial_*, irda_* and
> tekram_*. Now we also have tcp_* and bluetooth_*. The underlaying os
> specific implementation was done in different *.[ch] files which was
> choosen on compile time. Only one of the os files is compiled and
> provide the generic functions.
> If you take a look a unixserial.c and winserial.c you will see that
> code didn't share anything important. This is the same for IrDA and
> Bluetooth. The tekram.c is the only special, because it uses only
> functions. If you found two UNIX systems, which implement for
> IrDA in two complete differnt ways, we may have to use linuxirda.c
> for example sunosirda.c and compile in only one of them. But until
> didn't found such implementation I would leave it as it is.

Completly agree. That's what I wanted to say in fact. I'm trying to
find out how to add such support for irda/bluetooth for Mac OS X

> All os specific function share the same name, and so the include
> for the different transport layers can be the same.
>       include/devices/serial.h
>       include/devices/irda.h
>       include/devices/tekram.h
>       include/devices/tcp.h
>       include/devices/bluetooth.h


> And the linuxirda.h should be moved to common/devices/ because it
> only be included by unixirda.c (on a Linux system).

Or by unixirda.h. And it's already there I think.


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