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Re: Bluetooth address translation

From: Marcel Holtmann
Subject: Re: Bluetooth address translation
Date: 29 Apr 2003 11:51:56 +0200

Hi Pawel,

> > > Okay, so we need to test AT driver before the release. Hope Nokia 6310
> > > will be a good tester for AT driver.
> >
> > I don't know/think so. I'm building a KDE sync program, and when I try to
> > businit()  to the 6310i using connection=serial, the phone resets :-/
> > With connection=bluetooth, everything is smooth.
> I meant the configuration:
> model = AT
> connection = serial/bluetooth
> and not:
> model = 6310
> connection = serial

I have tested the Ericsson T39m and the Nokia 6210 with the following

        port       = aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff
        model      = AT
        connection = bluetooth

and both phones are working fine. My T68i is charging and the Nokia 6310
is on the road, so I haven't tested these two phones, but I think they
will also work with the AT mode over Bluetooth like a charm. I don't
have any other Bluetooth enabled phone, sorry :)

The Nokia phone seems to only support 7-Bit ASCII by default. So maybe
it is a good idea to change the alphabet before reading phonebook. The
Ericsson phone was fine, but setting the correct alphabet is in general
a good idea.



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