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Re: Bluetooth address translation

From: Marcel Holtmann
Subject: Re: Bluetooth address translation
Date: 28 Apr 2003 17:53:23 +0200

Hi Pawel,

> > > > Do you want to keep the RFCOMM channel option?
> > >
> > > How to get rid of it in the nice way? I definitely would like to get
> > > remove this.
> >
> > if you use 6210 or 6310/6310i the RFCOMM channel will be set by the
> > phone specific init function and so it will work without setting the
> > option in the config file. The problem seems to define how to use AT
> > mode over Bluetooth. If you enable connection=bluetooth and phone=at you
> > can use AT mode over Bluetooth and you also have to set the RFCOMM
> > channel to 1.
> Oh well, I was thinking that you were talking about removing rfcomm
> channel from the config structure as well. And I wasn't aware of the way
> to do it.
> But anyway, the patch is definitely good. Will apply.

I have run tests with my Nokia 6210 and 6310 and it is now possible to
use full phone suite functions over Bluetooth with both phones.

Nice work :)



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