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gnokii 0.5 rc3 and 6310 : No Go

From: Mark Brun
Subject: gnokii 0.5 rc3 and 6310 : No Go
Date: Fri, 18 Apr 2003 17:21:34 +0200
User-agent: KNode/0.7.2

Hello all,
I just managed to install the latest gnokii (cvs tarball).
I'd like to use gnokii as a SMS frontend.

Finaly managed to make it work with a Nokia 6210
(V 3.01 NPE-3) All is working well via irda on a Sony Laptop Vaio PCG-F409

When i change /etc/gnokiirc to model = 6310 and bring a Nokia 6310 ( V 4.20
NPE-4) in front of the Laptop, a gnokii --monitor says:
address@hidden:~> gnokii --monitor
GNOKII Version 0.5.0rc3
connect: Keine Route zum Zielrechner ( = no route to host)
Couldn't open PHONET device: Keine Route zum Zielrechner

in  etc/gnokiirc i have :

port = /dev/ircomm0
model = 6310
connection = irda
all other params are defaults

lsmod :
nsc-ircc               10140   1
irda                   80956   1  [nsc-ircc]

I also tried model = 6210 and model = AT and model = 6510 with the 6310, but
neither succeded.

btw: the connection with the 6210 is realy sloooooooow, storing or
retrieving about 150 phone entries takes about 30 minutes... ??

Running SuSE Linux 8.2, uname -a :
Linux vaio 2.4.20-4GB #1 Mon Mar 17 17:54:44 UTC 2003 i686 unknown unknown

Help please, i'm at the end of my little knowledge :-)

Who is "General Failure" and why is he reading my harddisk ?

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