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Re: gnokii 0.5.0rc2

From: Marcel Holtmann
Subject: Re: gnokii 0.5.0rc2
Date: 08 Apr 2003 01:20:20 +0200

Hi Pawel,

> Aham. But I'm not sure what would be the "proper" solution.
> Should I do:
> at the beginning and handle it like the config.h?
> Or perhaps replace HAVE_BLUETOOTH with:
> where HAVE_BLUETOOTH_INC would be replaced with 0 or 1.
> Or mabye some other solution? Or maybe provide separate header:
> gnokii/gnokii-config.h which would be more or less what config.h is.

you must keep the HAVE_BLUETOOTH define, because it is used all over the
places at compile time. You have to use another variable and AC_SUBST()
it in This should have 0 or 1 according to the state of
USE_BLUETOOTH. Then in you use

        #ifdef @NEW_VARIABLE_NAME@

and all things should work fine. If you only care about bdaddr_t type,
you can define it if it not exists. We have done this in the OpenOBEX
library. Put this in your data.h file

        #ifndef SOL_RFCOMM
        typedef char* bdaddr_t;

With this solution the only thing you must take care of is that
bluetooth/bluetooth.h have to be included before any other gnokii header



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