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Re: 6310i and bluetooth

From: Florian Lohoff
Subject: Re: 6310i and bluetooth
Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 21:13:54 +0200
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On Sat, Apr 05, 2003 at 06:44:00PM +0100, Matthew Johnson wrote:
> Hi, I have a Nokia 6310i, with a USB bluetooth adapter. I can connect to
> the phone using rfcomm, and dial numbers (although I've never yet got as
> far as getting a pppd up), and I can use gnokii in a limited fashion,
> using the AT driver as suggested when I searched the archives.

I have GPRS working with a USB<>Bluetooth adapter on a Sony C1-MHP. So i
can confirm that the 6310i's bluetooth is working. I am also able to use
the gsmutils to get the phonebook (Although not with all the additional
tags etc which i would like).

From browsing the forum on the nokia pages it looks like nokia is not
very responsive to any bluetooth related problems on their 6310i - Guess
its already a dead product/line. Even on Windows i was not able to
connect via Bluetooth as the only supported Bluetooth stack for the
PC-Suite is the one for the PCMCIA<>Bluetooth adapters.
The Windows issue might also be related to the non availability of a
common Windows Bluetooth Stack. It seems Linux is much superior in this
area than Windows.

The only thing i would like to get would be the full phonebook with the
attached phone number types. These seem to get lost in the AT model
polling (Same with gsmutils).

PS: 6310i SW-version 5.22
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