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Re: Q: How to connect a 6210

From: Jan Schubert
Subject: Re: Q: How to connect a 6210
Date: Wed, 29 Jan 2003 00:33:35 +0100
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Malte Schünemann - WEB DE wrote:

    modprobe irda
modprobe ncs-ircc

Konkret korrekt.
Thats the point. If i include these options/drivers in my kernel it won't work but if i use modules it works fine (i hate modules so i did'nt try this before). Thx a lot. After using it for 2 hours I love (x)gnokii. Thx to all the people supporting it. From my point of view it would be a very helpfull thing for every IR-Newbie to have a guide how to get a phone connected using irda. I've searched for such an soultion for month, thx. to Malte it is doing well now.

I've found a small problem conerning contact-handling in xgnokii. If i load my saved phone-book (something about 115 entries) xgnokii will just display 12 entries!? Ive justed upgraded to 0.5.0pre03.

And an other question: I've found some ressources for operator-logos but none for startup-logos!? May someone point me to such a ressource!?

Thx again,

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