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Re: Q: How to connect a 6210

From: Malte Schünemann - WEB DE
Subject: Re: Q: How to connect a 6210
Date: Mon, 27 Jan 2003 17:28:13 +0100
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Jan Schubert wrote:

Malte Schünemann - WEB DE wrote:

I just provided a solution for my 6310i - maybe it works for you the same way. The assignment of the IR port to COM2 keeps IrDA from working

What does this mean in detail? I _have_ to assign IR to an COM-Port to use it, right?!

... try using my successful approach (working thanks to Pawel).

I'll try this this evening.
What do you mean be starting irattach? Is it just this "irattach /dev/pts/x" or is there more than that?

Please, may you also send me your .config from you kernel (assuming you are using Linux) !?

Thx a lot.

IR-Newbie Jan

gnokii-users mailing list

I'm newbie myself - just over the hump now. What I do is
 o identify any running irattach and xgnokii - kill these processes
    I have found nothing else as better approach
 o unload modules
    rmmod irport irtty ircomm nsc-ircc irda
 o run following commands as root
    setserial /dev/ttyS1 uart none
    modprobe irda
    modprobe ncs-ircc
    .. other modules
    irattach irda0 -s
 o wait until /proc/net/irda/discovery shows my mobile phone
 o run (as proper user in group gnokii)

/etc/gnokiirc is attached - /etc/modules.conf contains following relevant lines
# IrDA
# IrDA over a normal serial port, or a serial port compatible IrDA port
alias tty-ldisc-11 irtty
# IrCOMM (for printing, PPP, Minicom etc)
alias char-major-161 ircomm-tty     # if you want IrCOMM support
alias irlan0 irlan
# To be able to attach some serial dongles
# These values are hard-coded in irattach (not instance order)
alias irda-dongle-0 tekram          # Tekram IrMate IR-210B
alias irda-dongle-1 esi             # ESI JetEye
alias irda-dongle-2 actisys         # Actisys IR-220L
alias irda-dongle-3 actisys         # Actisys IR-220L+
alias irda-dongle-4 girbil          # Greenwich GIrBIL
alias irda-dongle-5 litelink        # Parallax LiteLink
alias irda-dongle-6 airport         # Adaptec Airport 1000 and 2000
#options nsc-ircc irq=3 dma=3 dongle_id=0x09
options nsc-ircc dongle_id=0x09 irq=3 dma=3 io=0x2f8
alias irda0 nsc-ircc

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