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Re[2]: Problem running gnokii under cygwin...

From: Polik
Subject: Re[2]: Problem running gnokii under cygwin...
Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2003 23:25:48 +0100

Ahoj Pawel,

Dne 19. ledna 2003 ve 0:47:13 jsi napsal(a):

> On Sun, 19 Jan 2003, Mark Troyer wrote:

>> Quick question regarding the use of gnokii with cygwin.  I am looking
>> for a shell command to send/receive messages from Win32 machine.  I
>> looked through the archives and found a reference to version 3.3 that
>> was modified to work under cygwin.  The gnokii.exe is located at

> Why don't you get the latest sources and compile under cygwin? 0.3.3 is an
> ancient version and current gnokii should compile under cygwin.

> pkot
> PS. You should install gettext probably to solve your problem.

I forgot - there is a wrong include path in common/devices/tekram.c

#ifndef WIN32
#  include "devices/unixserial.h"
#  include "winserial.h"

It should be

#ifndef WIN32
#  include "devices/unixserial.h"
#  include "devices/winserial.h"

And since gettext kept causing me link errors, I always
"configure"d with --disable-nls

Live long and prosper

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