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Re: SMSD performance

From: dirk
Subject: Re: SMSD performance
Date: Tue, 14 Jan 2003 09:03:38 +0200
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Hi Johan..

Well .. from experiance I can say that performance is good. I sent 35 000 
sms's in aprox 4 days..  
I found the following things that defnitly made a difference

1) I used postgresql with a 200 sms checkpoint messages, wich allowed me to 
monitor the progress. Although I had alot of sms's comming in on my phone it 
was ok. :-) the project got completed.

2) I changed the nokia 5110 I was using for a 7110 after my first crash. I got 
a general improvement with a variable 2 seconds per sms, wich made a big 
difference in the end.

3) I compiled with debugging, that way I could monitor the process it self 
wich realy helpd .. especialy if you want to know is things still running.. 

In general, the postgresql interface realy made things so much easyer.. a 
couple of quick sql scripts.. and I was on my way sending like a madman..

(PS! I am still waiting for the financial director to come and jump on me 
regarding the sms account.. :-)  )

Kind Regards..


On Tuesday 14 January 2003 08:53 am, John Homer H Alvero wrote:
> hello guys, can anyone tell me how many sms can smd send/receive per unit
> of time?
> does it depend on other factors like my handset and condition perhaps? :)
> john
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