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Re: gnokii --getnetworkinfo

From: BORBELY Zoltan
Subject: Re: gnokii --getnetworkinfo
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2003 23:02:04 +0100
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On Sun, Jan 12, 2003 at 02:46:31PM +0100, Pawel Kot wrote:
> On Sat, 11 Jan 2003, Bertrik Sikken wrote:
> > I agree it's good to have consistency, but I think it's odd to
> > display the LAC and cell id as hex.
> > Netmonitor menu 11 on my nokia 3410 shows them in plain decimal.
> What about switching it all to the decimal values? Anyone to do it?

The reason behind my patch is to eliminate the inconsistency. I converted
the getnetworkinfo because the monitor writes it as hex for ages. I think
only the compatibility is the reason behind of the hex form. But the
operator id is a decimal number too, so there can be other reasons. I
don't mind if we convert both to decimal. I think it's Pawel's duty to


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