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Re: setspeeddial & nokia 6310i

From: martin kraegeloh
Subject: Re: setspeeddial & nokia 6310i
Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 19:58:36 +0100
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ok, attached for preview :-)

I have defined 5 extra categories in addressbook,
n_familie, n_vips, n_freunde, n_kollegen, n_andere
if entry belongs to one of these, it is a sign it should go to nokia.

unfortunately the script does more ... it writes some files for my isdn box to load shortcuts and other stuff.

so eventually I should probably extract the nokia code into a seperate program.

... I'll do this and send the code to you then. probably by tomorrow.


Pavel Machek wrote:

ps for zaurus users: I finished a perl program extracting data from addessbook.xml and writing a file to be used with writephonebook ...

Yep, zaurus user here. Perhaps you want to
attach the perl script? Maybe contrib/ in
gnokii dist is the right place for it?

Martin Kraegeloh
Am Alten Pfarrhof 24
84564 Oberbergkirchen
Phone  +49 8637 985806
Mobile +49 171 2458767

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