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Re: BUG? : Nokia 6310 and gnokii

From: Pawel Kot
Subject: Re: BUG? : Nokia 6310 and gnokii
Date: Mon, 6 Jan 2003 22:47:56 +0100 (CET)

On Mon, 6 Jan 2003, [ISO-8859-1] Hans Motshärg wrote:

> Originaaly sent to list, but as I'cat see it there, so I send it as personal 
> e-mail
> This e-mail differs from sent to list. This e-mail contains little bit newer 
> et.po

Neither did I. But I'm Ccing it there, so someone maybe helps.

Thanks for the translation, it commited to CVS.

> I used to keep backup from my phonebook, thanks to it I'm able to restore 
> contacts if
> phone or SIM is lost, what I did. Backup was made using gnokii-0.4.3 and 
> phone N6150. Now
> I have N6310i and after saving contacts from file I noticed that all 
> phonenumbers are
> missing. Person names, groups are present but no corresponding numbers. Is 
> there any
> changes made in save_phonebook code what could "forget" phonenumbers from 
> file?

No there shouldn't be any changes. What about backup from 0.5.0pre4 trying
to save with 0.5.0pre4?

> It's coming more strange
> I did following test:
> I can see that SIM has 128 used slots from 250 and Phone 38 used slots from 
> 500. Seems OK!
> So I downloaded phonebook and saved this, Seems OK, no visible 
> Warnings/Errors.

Downloaded from the phone, right?

> Opened saved file , Seems OK (I can see that gnokki is going save into my 
> SIM/phone
> SIM:128/250 Phone:38/500 contacts)

So the file on the disk contains all the entries?

> Saved into phone again no visible errors/warnings,

> Downloaded contact from phone and got SIM:2/250 and Phone:7/500 , but Hey 
> where are rest
> of contacts? Strange?!

So only 9 entries did got into the phone/sim again with no visible errors.
Is my interpretation correct?

> I have there SIM:136/250 and Phone:40/500 (saved with N6150 and Gnokii-0.4.3) 
> saving into
> phone OK! no visible errors/warnings
> Downloading contacts from phone, I can see that tehre is SIM:136/250 
> Phone:40/500 BUT NO
> NUMBERS just names and Callergroups.

Hmmm... That's strange, could you please send me some part of the backup?
You can of course fake the numbers and names.

> What could be reason for such behaviour? Code for N6130 is still in middle?
> N6130 have different approach for saving saved phonebook back into phone?

It shouldn't. It's just that 6130 does not have support for the
subentries. Did you try deeper, to see if there's any phone number saved
with the entry?

> Some more strange things. SIM can hold names up to 14 characters long, but 
> after saving
> and downloading this very same phonebook there is only 13 characters left, 
> last character
> was not saved into SIM.

This one should be easy traceable.

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