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Nokia TDMA phones commands to establish calls

From: Marco Aurélio Carvalho
Subject: Nokia TDMA phones commands to establish calls
Date: Fri, 3 Jan 2003 12:50:32 -0200
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Hi folks
I am trying to develop an equipment (board with microcontroller) to send alarm 
information using the cellular network. The information maybe transfered in 
some cases using SMS, and in other cases, sending DTMF or other audio 
modulation.  In the first case the board will need to send commands through a 
serial interface to send the SMS messages. In the latter case the board need 
to send commands via the serial interface to establish a regular call and 
send/receive analog audio signals through the mic/ear pins.

There are 2 telecom companies in my region that may be used for this service: 
one is with TDMA and the other is with GSM networks. I am trying first to use 
the Nokia TDMA phones 6120i and 5125. I tried to operate the 6120 phone with 
the 6110 gnokii selection but it did not work. 

Does anyone know something about the commands and interface of TDMA phones? 
Are the commands similar to the GSM ones?

Thanks in advance.

Marco Aurélio

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