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gnokii is not working with N6310i ?

From: Hans Motshärg
Subject: gnokii is not working with N6310i ?
Date: Fri, 03 Jan 2003 15:51:54 +0200
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Happy New Year!

Following is more like Bugreport or NotSuccess story.

Is there working version of gnokii for N6310i ?
port = /dev/ttyS0
model = 6310
initlength = default
connection = dau9p
bindir = /usr/local/sbin/

Current version gnokii-0.5.0pre3
Configuration OK
Used script:
configure --enable-security --enable-gettext --enable-nls \
--with-x --with-xpm --with-locale-dir=/usr/share/locale \
--with-model=6310 --with-port=/dev/ttyS0 --enable-xdebug \
--enable-rlpdebug --enable-debug

make OK
make install OK

xgnokii ends with "Segmentation fault" after message "Incoming clock!"

My humble experiments (gnokii --monitor) ended with "Segmentation fault" after "SMS Status recieved"

gnokii --identify gives right answer as,
Received model NPL-1
IMEI         : 3511xxxxxxxxx
Manufacturer : Nokia
Model:       : NPL-1
Version      : V 5.22

Any idea where to dig or should I wait for improved code?

Pleased to provide more specific debug output if needed.

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